What is the unique service of OZONEWHITE TM ? 

  • Speed, since most of our equipment is scaled for industrial facilities, we are able to perform the necessary amount of ozone needed for disinfection significantly faster than similar services.
  • Double decontamination, since the software of our equipment can basically manage two disinfection circuits, a second anti-germ program can be started automatically after the ozone has decontaminated. An optional programs are negotiated during the preliminary discussions based on the customer’s needs.



Who do we recommend our service to?

Our service is already being used in a number of European countries by hotel chains, food producers, health institutions, restaurants, gyms, public transport companies, swimming pools, wellness centres, public utility services, industrial facilities, schools, kindergartens, offices, conference rooms, animal hospitals and shopping malls. An essential condition for permanent success is the repetitions of the treatments at given intervals that we included into our premium service packages based on expert recommendations.


How to get started?

Contact our colleagues via + 36-20-383-1412 or e-mail to info@ozonewgs.com so we can customize our offer to your specific needs.


Az OZONE WHITETM in action:


Important! OZONE WHITE ™ technology does not replace daily cleaning and disinfection protocol! OZONE WHITE ™ technology does not provide complete protection against biological infections! Regular use of OZONE WHITE ™ technology helps to prevent seed germination at water intake points and wet environments, and to comply with general hygiene requirements, leaving no hazardous or environmentally harmful substances.