The great success of OZONE WHITE ™ technology is due to the fact that it is incredibly environmentally safe. During the treatment, ozone is converted into pure oxygen. Thanks to this innovative method, we can successfully fight against biological contaminants, fungi and odors even in places physically inaccessible, where no other effective substances have been introduced so far.

OZONE WHITE ™ technology features:

The technology continuously measures and records the amount of ozone emitted and the amount of ozone present in the treated area. Both an appropriate level of concentration of ozone released into air and its maintenance throughout the mechanism of action are essential for the effectiveness of the treatment.

After disinfection a catalyst neutralizes the emitted ozone in order to ensure safe use of the treated room as soon as possible.

The entire process, including disinfection and neutralization, is documented online together with a measurement report in the Registered List of Ozone Disinfection authentication system at, so it can be retrieved at any time. A certificate is issued on every disinfection treatment.

Good to know! Of course, it is impossible to perform a 100% result or a sterile environment, but we are seeking to deliver the most effective recommendations in terms of application of OZONE WHITE ™ technology.

Important! OZONE WHITE ™ technology does not replace daily cleaning and disinfection protocol! OZONE WHITE ™ technology does not provide complete protection against biological infections! Regular use of OZONE WHITE ™ technology helps to prevent seed germination at water intake points and wet environments, and to comply with general hygiene requirements, leaving no hazardous or environmentally harmful substances.