There are many misconceptions about ozone, ozone disinfection and ozone generators.

Read our ozone lexicon and find out everything you need to know.

What are the risks of ozone treatment?

The use of ozone generator under the required safety conditions and in the presence and constant supervision of our specialists is completely safe. In addition to the fact that ozone does not leave any by-product, ozone shortly decomposes into pure oxygen on its own. It does not contain any allergenic substances, so the treatment itself cannot provoke any allergies.

Is OZONE WHITE TM suitable for cleaning companies?

OZONE WHITE TM technology may only be used by accredited partners. The list of our partners is expending all over Europe. Ask our colleague for help, call +36 20 383 1412 for more information.

What is the effect of ozone treatment on parasites?

Ozone affects all living things. Smaller parasites respond early on low level of ozone concentrations. Rodents in most cases leave an ozone-treated areas. Regular treatments can prevent larger rodents from coming back.

What are the risks of ozone treatment?


Ozone is extremely unstable, its half-life variates between 20-50 minutes, depending on environmental variables. Our colleagues monitor the conversion to oxygen through continuous measurements, so the treated area can be entered only after the ozone value falls below the safe health limit.

How does ozone spread?

Ozone is heavier than oxygen, so when spread at floor level – as it fills up small gaps and penetrates into inner structure of pillows and mattresses – it gradually fulfils the treated area.


How strong is ozone?

Ozone is the most powerful disinfectant in existence. Its effect is several times higher than the chlorine’s. It eliminates all known microorganisms, an unpleasant odors emerged from both organic and inorganic compounds without leaving any impurities and traces.


Does ozone damage objects?

Ozone does not cause damage to sensitive equipment or materials. It has no effect on paintings, wood or leather surfaces, art pieces, furniture, rubber parts or chrome surfaces.

Where do we recommend an ozone disinfection?

OZONE WHITE TM technology relies on the outstanding disinfectant effect of ozone. Excellent solution against bacteria, viruses, fungi, microorganisms, bad odors or mites. Ozone disinfection can therefore be applied anywhere and especially recommended when bad organic odors (e.g. musty air) have emerged somewhere. Fungi and bacteria can occur everywhere. Requests on our services most frequently come from saunas, swimming pools, changing rooms, restaurants, gyms or hotels.

How long does it take to disinfect a room ?

Every detail of treatment with OZONE WHITE TM technology is compiled based on individual customer needs. The duration of disinfection variates depending on the dimensions of the room, its contamination and repeating of ozone disinfection cycles. By and large, it can take 60 minutes to process an average apartment of 50 m2.

How often is it worth repeating ozone disinfection?

The way of application of OZONE WHITE TM technology is compiled based on individual customer needs. The frequency of disinfection depends on how heavily the treated area is used, the nature of the problem as well as the dimensions of the site. In case of hotels ozone disinfection is recommended after each visitor. For healthcare facilities daily use may be ideal.

Important! OZONE WHITE ™ technology does not replace daily cleaning and disinfection protocol! OZONE WHITE ™ technology does not provide complete protection against biological infections! Regular use of OZONE WHITE ™ technology helps to prevent seed germination at water intake points and wet environments, and to comply with general hygiene requirements, leaving no hazardous or environmentally harmful substances.